Lab-grown vs Natural Mined Diamonds

What's the difference?

Do lab-grown diamond and natural diamond look and shine the same?

Which one is better?

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What's all the hype about?

Lab grown diamonds and mined diamonds are actually not that different.

The biggest difference has more to do with people's underlying attitudes than the stones themselves. It all comes down to your unique preferences and what's important to you.

We've broken it down in this video!

Can you see the difference?

Find out for yourself.

If you're considering both lab-grown diamonds and natural diamonds, we invite you to come see both options for yourself side-by-side. You can do so in our Toronto studio or meet with us online and see your diamond options under a microscope.

Take the budget challenge.

Still not sure? No worries.

Let us show you what your budget can get you for both options and you decide! Empowering your choice is always our paramount objective.

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We work directly with diamond cutters and growers to ensure our mined diamonds are conflict-free and grown diamonds are made with a minimal carbon footprint.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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What's the price difference between Lab vs. Natural Diamonds?

Lab grown diamonds will cost you 40-80% less than natural diamonds. The larger or more rare the stone is, the larger the price difference tends to be.

Where are your lab-grown diamonds made?

The majority of our diamonds are grown in North America while they are cut overseas.

Can you see the difference between Lab and Natural Diamonds?

No. They're both the same down to a molecular level. Don't take our word for it though, come see for yourself.

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