Welcome to Engage. Richard Smith and James Stone have between them over 20 years of experience working in interaction and visual interface design. Both received a BA (Hons) in Visual Communication from Ravensbourne.

Richard started his career at Frazer Designers, designing for Philips Mobile phone division and subsequently at Pentagram Design. James began working with Edwards Churcher, where he was reunited with Richard when some months later he joined in 1997. Richard gained experience through projects including AOL Mobile UK’s WAP Portal, Symbian Pearl OS Interface Design, and Reuters Intranet and Extranet services.

James created installations for The Science Museum, won a D&AD Yellow pencil for his part in the online interactive advert ‘Bird’ for Compaq through BMP DDB, and collaborated with Richard on a number of Reuters projects.

Leaving Richard behind, James moved on to help set up a new media department in 2000 at The Mill, the Oscar winning effects house. At Mill Lab, James created games for The Guardian, Toyota, and Orbital, directed a commercial for PlayStation2, and was co-director for the menus of DVD album ‘The Altogether’ for Orbital.

In 2001 Richard founded Engage Studio. Engage quickly became involved in numerous projects for Psion, Symbian, TBWA and Universal Design Studio.

In 2002, James tracked Richard down, to reform their working partnership.

Engage quickly gained momentum and early in 2003 won a BAFTA for online learning for the site created for Bodysong, a film directed by Simon Pummell with a soundtrack by Radiohead’s Johnny Greenwood. As Engage have matured, we’ve forged great partnerships with some of the most respected graphic design companies in the industry.

Already this year, we’ve collaborated with madeThought for Reiss, Saturday-London for H&Ms new brand COS, and NB:Studio on a great new product called SurfaceView.

We’re a small company, with core members with whom we form teams to solve problems. Our clients appreciate that the same people who pitch for a project are those who will be working on it.

The internet is a noisy place, Engage believe in clarity and elegance. If we can create a great site with one good idea, why use two?