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Frequently Asked Questions

1 – About Engage Studio

Where are you located?
We are located in Toronto, Canada.
Do you have a retail location I can visit?
Yes! Our retail location is located here.

2 – Ring Crafting Process and Timelines

How long does it take to get my ring built?
6 to 8 weeks is the average timelime.
If I don’t like my replica, will you build me another one?
Yes. We do not charge you for your first replica as long as it is returned to us. (You can pay for it and keep it of
course). We do charge for subsequent replicas, however you get to keep each one!
Do I get to keep the replica?
You can if you’d like. You’d just pay for it. They generally range from $200 to $500 depending on how
complex they are.
Can I provide my own center stone?
At this point, we are not accepting center stones although this may change sometime in the future.
Do you work with stones other than diamonds?
Absolutely! We work with all gemstones. We can even help you figure out what would be the best gemstone if you had say a preference for a certain color.

3 – Pricing

What is the price range of a ring with Engage?
Our unique approach allows us to accommodate a wide range in budget from $2000 and up.
What happens to the price if I request changes to the design at some point in the design process?
We are always very transparent about pricing. If any design changes result in a price adjustment (this could be up OR down), we always tell you right away.

4 – Payment and Returns

What if I don’t like the final ring?
We guarantee your satisfaction 100%. All our rings come with a 100% refund policy. Virtually no other retailer offers returns on custom-made or personalized rings but we do.
When do I have to pay?
We take payments in three increments.
40% to start the design once you’ve chosen your stone and design starting point.
40% upon approval of your high-end replica (just prior to manufacturing of your final ring)
20% when your final ring is completed and ready for shipping

5 – Shipping

Who pays for shipping?
We do! Shipping is free of charge for both the replica (going to you as well as when it’s returned to us) and
the final ring.
Do you ship internationally?
We currently ship to the continental US and Canada. Please contact us if you reside in a country outside North America.
How long will it take for my ring to arrive once shipped?
We ship priority so that it should arrive the next business day!


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