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Embrace the Adventure

Let our design experts act as your guide as you embark on the greatest journey of your life. Together, we will unearth the rare and precious, and craft your legacy as we explore what is possible

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Watch these videos

to learn everything you need to know (and all the best kept industry secrets) about starting your custom ring journey.

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Need some inspiration for your dream design?

Browse our latest works.

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We collaborate with our clients to craft each piece of jewellery.

Learn how each of our beautiful creations are made with your input.

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Mariam Song

Let us be your guide In-Store or Online

"An engagement ring is unique amongst any possession someone will have or purchase because of what it symbolizes. Everyone’s journey and how they arrive to this milestone moment is different. Your story is unique and we strive to help you express that through choice. These core beliefs guide our approach and drive us to help every person embrace their adventure." Mariam Song, Co-Owner & Creative Director

In Store Approach

Step One Quick Chat

Everything starts with a conversation. Text, email, phone…we want to listen and find out more about where you’re at. We’ll answer questions…you’ll get a better feel for who we are and together we’ll determine if we’re a good fit to journeying further.
Quick Chat

Step Two style discovery

We bring our store to you! Dive into style in a live video session with your own ring stylist. Whether you know exactly what you want or have no idea and need someone to help you start from scratch, we’re here to guide you and meet you where you’re at.

style discovery

Step Three stone discovery

20 minutes with us will save you 5 hours or more of researching on your own. Our unique education approach is designed to illuminate, remove the smoke and mirrors of 100 years of industry-led marketing and most importantly, help you figure out what’s important for you. (It’s also incredibly fun…it will only make sense once you experience it)
stone discovery

Step Four Starting Point

We show you a curated selection of stones hand-picked just for your review. Seeing options side-by-side with the pricing variations helps you to make a decision with your own eyes that looks and feels the best for you.
Starting Point

Step Five High-End Replica

Our unique design process will result in an exact replica to give you a perfect preview which we ship to you. This way, there is absolutely no surprise about what you are going to get and if you still want to make changes, we will do so until it is perfect!
High-End Replica

Step Six Finished Masterpiece

If you even just like your replica, you’ll LOVE the finished piece! Pictures do no justice. Our journey culminates to this moment…your moment. Get ready to jump!
Finished Masterpiece

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Want inspiration? Check out our latest work

Browse some styles to get a sense
of what you like

Embrace the Adventure

Custom-made jewelry made easy by your Toronto jewelers.

Your engagement ring (or wedding) ring-building process is a meaningful journey at Engage. You get to include the symbols, designs, diamonds, and gemstones characteristics that are important to you, your relationship, your family, or your experience. You are always involved in the entire design process at Engage Studio so that the finished piece reflects your unique style. With hundreds of styles to choose from and our team’s knowledgeable expertise, you will easily create a custom engagement ring or piece of jewelry for any intended occasion.

Unleash your creativity and superpower in-store or online by talking with a design consultant today!


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We are excited to meet you!

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