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written by VJ
written by VJ

5 Questions to Finding the Perfect Halo Engagement Ring

We’re going to talk about all things halo.

Not these halos 👼😇

But halo engagement rings. 

Out of all the engagement ring styles, the halo is the most polarizing. You either love it or hate it. Some of you out there may think you hate it. But once you try it on, you think it’s the one for you.

We commonly have some clients that say they’re dead set on halos. They’ve seen them in a mall. They’re not crazy at all. But you might, all of a sudden, fall in love with it when you see it in someone else’s hand. It’ll make you reconsider what you’ve thought. 

And in many cases, a small tweak to it can alter the look and feel of the ring.

Let's Break it Down

Having a halo engagement ring can do a lot of things.

But most importantly, it will make the center diamond look way bigger. There’s more sparkle, and it’s…really…glamorous.

So to figure out your halo style, we’re going to boil it down to five questions.

Ring with a halo and without a halo

#1: What style do you want on your halo engagement ring?


One of our co-founders, Ji, considers this a favorite. It is because, looking at it from the top down, it looks like the halo is hugging closely at the engagement ring’s center stone.

Different seamless halo engagement rings

So how did we achieve this look? It’s a bit complicated.

We start with the center stone, and we need to wrap the halo around the center stone. You may see what we did here looking from this profile view.

Seamless Halo Profile View, Tilted

It’s very subtle, but we’re tilting the stones at a bit of an angle, and we’re going to make it very airtight. 

We really need to be very careful in execution. So when it all comes together, it flows beautifully.

And many people who aren’t into halos necessarily love it when they see a seamless one.


layered halo engagement ring

The layered halo is probably the most common one. If you go to the jewelers in a mall, this is the halo type you most normally see. And many people who don’t like halos think most are in a layered style.

But here’s a definition of a layered halo.

If you look at it from the side view, the center stone is flat and raised. It feels like a layered cake; the diamond center stone stands out.

The reason why this look seems the most common to people is probably because these are, in a sense, mass-produced. 

Layered halo profile view

When looking at something like a seamless halo, it must be handmade to the exact stone.

Meanwhile, some people like the layered halo engagement ring because the center stone stands out from the halo a bit more, versus a seamless one where it all blends together.


Spaced halo

The spaced halo is slightly different since there’s an intentional negative or empty space between the center stone and the halo. And that’s just a fun and unique way to do it.

Obviously, it makes the center look bigger, but the style is distinct.

#2: What’s the size of the stones in the halo?

There are three kinds: micro, classic, and large.

Different halo sizes

With the micro, we’re usually going to use stone sizes of one millimeter to 1.25 millimeters. This will give an aesthetic of a very tight setting style. You will have even more stones set around the focal diamond, and it will give off a glittering effect— a really tight, seamless, glittering effect.

The most popular size for classic is around 1.5 millimeters. It’s still dainty and small, but you’re starting to see the stones a bit more singularly. So it gives a little bit more depth to the halo engagement ring.

Finally, a large size is around 1.75 millimeters to 2 millimeters. Even for a large, we’ve done halos that are 2.5 to 3 millimeters, and it accentuates the stones around the focal stone. It really has a different aesthetic.

You’ll see those halo stones come across singularly, which adds a unique effect to the center diamond.

#3: What is the halo’s shape?


The way that we’ve been made, we really do perceive reality. And it’s also true in terms of halo shape.

If you can put a square cushion halo, whatever the shape is in the middle, it will make the middle stone look the same shape as your halo.

Alternate halo ring style highlighting the shape of the center stone and halo

Some people like to alternate it, meaning the shape of your halo differs from the shape of your center stone. You could do it with a rectangular halo and an oval. Or a square cushion with a round. And it’s a great way to do it.

Alternate halo engagement rings

Sometimes you like how a particular cut sparkles, but you prefer the halo shape differently. Great way to mix, match, and get what you want.


Contour halo engagement rings

For others, let’s call them a purist.

If you like a round stone and want it to look round, make the halo shape match the shape of your stone. So, square on square, round on round.


For those of you who are more creative and want more design, this is where you can have fun.

Unique halo engagement ring styles

You can have whatever you want in the center and just a variety of halos. These are the ones that we love to just explore with our clients.

#4: What’s the setting style?

Tiger claw

The most common one is the fine tiger claw. You’re going to see four little claws around every single stone.

And it’s just subtle; there’s minimal metal around the stones.

It really is beautiful.

Fine tiger claw

Bead Set and Milgrain

Bead Set and Milgrain

Another common variation is the bead set. It creates this little thin outline around the stones.

Sometimes you can do it in a simple style. Sometimes, you can add a milgrain border, which adds an antique-ish feel.

The best way we can envision it is like an eyeliner that creates a definitive outline around it.

Star-studded Setting

Star studded setting, halo engagement ring

In a star-studded setting, the prong will be at the apex of the stone, giving the halo engagement ring a star motif.

It has a nice visual impact on the overall halo and gives a different profile.

Shared Prongs

Shared Prongs, Halo Engagement Rings

In a shared prong, there will be a single prong between the halo’s stones, creating a really cool visual effect. The halo looks like bubbles.

#5: Shoulder or no shoulders?

Here’s the thing.

If you compare two halo engagement rings, there isn’t much of a difference, but it will impact how it looks and feels.

Shoulder vs no shoulder comparison halo engagement rings

If you do it without shoulders, it makes the center stone and halo pop. Your brain and eye just look right at it. It even looks a bit bigger to some people.

However, it’s a bit nuanced with shoulders. If you decide to do it with them, it tends to make you look at the ring as a whole. It can also make some people feel that the halo is sitting lower.

Also, if it’s important for you, it can make the center stone or halo feel like it will not hit things. Or it’s not going to stick out too high. You might wear your ring every day and want to feel comfortable with it. So, therefore, you certainly want to add the shoulders.

So there you have it

Those were our five tips, and we hope we were able to shed light on this very glamorous engagement ring style. When you’re ready, contact us, and we’d be happy to meet with you in-store or virtually online. 🏬💻

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