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written by VJ
written by VJ

How to Style Men’s Rings

When it comes to rings, guys can join in the fun. They need rings too. And we’re going to tell you how to pick yours. 

Their wedding ring is likely the first ring they’ll ever wear for many guys. And so some of the questions that they may have are: what kind of style do I want? How’s it going to look? What type of metal should I use? 

Well, we have four simple questions that men need to answer to find their perfect men’s style. 

#1 What is your style?

We kind of consider three main styles when we think of men’s rings. 

The Classic

Your dad probably has this ring. The design dates back either 50 years ago or 50 years today. It’s very straightforward, very classic, and it’s going to stand the test of time.

Classic Men's Rings

The Unique Modern

This is basically something that stands out. Maybe you didn’t see it 50 years ago. Perhaps you won’t see it 50 years from today outside of your finger. This ring will stand out with a few distinctive traits that you love.

Modern Mens' Rings

With Gemstones

The third option for your men’s style is whether or not you want stones in your wedding ring. These could be gemstones, diamonds, white diamonds or black. You know, many guys like black diamonds because they’re really cool. But whether or not you have them will drastically change the look of your ring. 

So whether it’s classic, unique, or stones or without stones, probably the best thing that you can do to figure out this first question. Look online. Go to Pinterest. Find some styles that you might like.

But ultimately…

When you come in to Engage, we give you a tray and let you pick a whole bunch because you’ve got to try some rings on your finger. A picture can only do so much. So, the best way to figure out your style is to get the ring on your hand to figure out what might be right for you.

#2 What is your width?

With rings, we typically deal in millimetres. How wide is it going to be? Whether it be 1.5 millimetres to 8, the best way to do it is to just again put it on your finger and see what you might like.

If you’re at home or you don’t have access to rings, something you can do is cut out strips of paper and lay them across your finger to kind of get an idea of what might be right for you.

Men's Rings Paper Measure

Here’s a quick tip. If you have longer fingers, you might opt for seven millimetres or higher and six millimetres or less if you have shorter fingers. But one thing to keep in mind is that there’s no magic formula here. At the end of the day, your preference is absolutely key.

Another thing to consider is whether the band should be round or flat?

Men's Rings Round vs. Flat

Even though they’re the same width, they look drastically different. It is an optical illusion. So if you’re considering one or the other, again, the best way to determine is to get it on your finger to see how a flat or a round look like on your finger.

#3 What type of metal do you want?

This question is probably going to affect the price of your ring the most. When it comes to wedding rings for men, we basically break them into two categories: precious metals and alternative metals.

When we’re talking about precious metals, that will be your gold, your rose gold, white gold, yellow gold, and platinum. And when it comes to alternative metals, that includes things like carbon fibre, tungsten, or titanium, to name just a few.

There are pros and cons to both precious and alternative metals.

Precious metals are…precious. They’re rare, and they are going to have some value. We’re not talking about a brick of gold or anything like that, but they do have some value. In speaking of precious metals, we have already an article talking about them.

The other thing is that they are soft metals. So with soft metals, two things come into play here. The first thing is you have a lot more options. You can customize it. You can style and design it differently because the metal can be moulded in certain ways.

Men's Rings Alternative Metal 1
Men's Rings Alternative Metal 2

The second thing with precious metals, because it’s soft, is you can size up or down very easily. 

So you did all this work to get in shape for your wedding. But once you’re married, you got good food, get that dad bod. When it’s time to size up, precious metals have it covered for you. It’s a perfect fit! *no pun intended*

Now, one of the downsides to precious metals is that they are soft, so they’re going to wear down. They can easily scratch compared to alternative metals and lose their shine over the years.

But a little bit of maintenance will bring them back. You can get the rings polished, just something that you will have to deal with if you go with one of those golds or platinum. 

When it comes to your alternative metals, they pretty much all share the same pro.

They are very hard. And because they are hard, they’re going to be anywhere from scratch-resistant all the way to scratch-proof.

#4 What kind of finish do you want?

When it comes to men’s rings, there’s a ton of variety for how you can finish your ring. You can do high polished, brushed, hammered, sandblasted. 

And just like we’ve said earlier if you want to know what finish will look best on your hand, put it on your finger. Try them on. Figure out what is going to be the best finish for you.

So there you have it.

These are four questions that will get you well on your way to finding your men’s ring style. You know, maybe you figure out the kind of style you want. What type of metal? How wide is that metal going to be on your finger, and how is it finished? 

These are some excellent starting blocks. But at the end of the day, we at Engage have all the knowledge, know-how, and selection. So when you’re ready? Hit us up at 416 491 6060, and we’ll help you find your perfect match.

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