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written by VJ
written by VJ

It’s Not Just Love: 5 Lessons to a Meaningful Marriage

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Audrey Hepburn (Engage Studio’s female founder Mariam’s favorite actress of all time 😀) once said, “If I want to get married, I want to be very married.” What’s it like being very married?


Audrey Hepburn's wedding rings

We have various opinions about it. And even though we have different perspectives, we have some shared experiences about marriage. 

Is it really what some say about marriage– that all we need is love? I’ve asked my married teammates about it, and they said, “Nope.” Love is NOT the only key to a meaningful marriage.

Here are the lessons they’ve learned along the way:

1. Find time to be together and time to be ourselves

Even if you’re two people coming together and forming an everlasting promise, you are two different persons. You may have separate interests and hobbies. Eventually, you will have to adjust your time often when you welcome your bundle (or bundles) of joy.

Therefore, separate the times with the family, with each other, and with yourself. Our Marketing Manager Yash and his wife Naina recommend having at least two monthly dates. Also, practice self-care whenever you can.

Yash and Naina

2. Assign household chores according to ability and willingness

As to housework, Precious, our Production Concierge, and her husband, Finlan, mentioned assigning it based on the level of comfort. This is true, considering that not all of us are obliging to do all the chores.

Have a sit-down and decide which of you gets to do which task. And if there are things that you both find difficult, then do them together. You’re a team. And they say teamwork makes the dream work. Wouldn’t it be a dream to keep the house clean and organized? 🏠✨

3. It's not yours and mine anymore; it's ours

Having a joint account solely may be optional. You may also have another account dedicated to your own. But do consider you’re already earning not just for yourself but also for your partnership and/or the family you will build someday.

Money is the root of all evil. And it is also one of the reasons relationships fail. To prevent that, be transparent with each other.

4. If conflicts arise, compromise as calmly as you can, as soon as you can

Jonathan and Angela

As Jonathan, our Video Editor, and his wife, Angela, told me, “Don’t talk at each other. Talk to each other.” It’s not a matter of who’s more correct, but rather it’s a matter of arriving at a compromise.

You can solve your conflicts on your own. Therefore, do not involve another party unless it is truly necessary. As our Web Developer, Jerome, and his wife, Jenilyn, mentioned, resolve them by the end of the day. If not, the next day. Do not drag it for too long; it’s not a war.

5. There's always new to learn about each other

As our loved ones come unexpectedly, so are their quirks and mannerisms. You think you know them well, but no, and that’s okay. 

That’s the beauty of marrying your person. You may have read on some pages, but some chapters are yet to be written. Your story unfolds every single day.

Jenilyn and Jerome

marriage is a choice

But staying and being married takes commitment and hard work. 

The butterflies in your stomach will die down. The giddiness starts to calm. You take off your rose-tinted glasses, and the filter is gone. You see your loved ones as they truly are.

Nevertheless, you still love this person. But this time, this love is more secure. You know that no matter what comes your way, you will thread the highs and lows together. 

We said yes to our partners since we want them to be with us moving forward in life’s journey. We said yes to experiencing and creating meaningful discoveries and memories.

Are we ready to tie the knot? 🎀💍

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