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written by Jessica
written by Jessica

Cushion Cut Moissanite: Everything You Need To Know

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illustration of round, square, and cushion moissanite

“If a round stone and a square stone had a baby, it would be a cushion.” 

– Wise and accurate words from Ji Song one of our co-founders

Cushion moissanite ring

Let’s bring you into the practicals and the visuals of the cushion cut moissanite

We got you covered with the language to help articulate exactly what you’re looking for😉

Leeeets goooooo!!!

The Shape

Cushions can be more square or more on the rectangular/elongated side. Easy!

square cushion moissanite

Focus On Measurements

Specifically in millimeters. I feel like we say this at least every two blogs; ignore carat size. This is not going to define the measurements of what you’re looking for. 

5x5 cushion moissanite
8x6 cushion cut moissanite

If you’re looking at a square cushion, you can describe it by the length and width measurements such as a 5x5mm. For elongated, you could describe it for example with the measurements 8x6mm. This is the best way to describe the shape and size.

Let's Get Technical

Introducing… length to width ratio

This is for those who are looking for a more elongated cushion cut moissanite. 

elongated cushion cut moissanite - length to width ratio

Here comes a wee bit of jewelry math! Super easy I promise 😉

You can take the length of the moissanite, divide it by the width, and you’ll get the length to width ratio!

length to width ratio of cushion moissanite

So if the length to width ratio is 1, it would be a perfect square (ex. 5x5mm). If it’s higher like 1.5, you’ll see it’ll be more rectangular (ex. 10x8mm).

This language will help you describe how elongated or plump you’d like your cushion cut moissanite

9x7 and 8x6 cushion cut moissanite

Let's Talk Visuals.

Just like finding the right wedding dress, you want to try the ring/stone on to figure out the fit, and how you’d like it on your hand. 

Often our clients with more elongated/slender fingers, and “knuckle size” (this is where your finger knuckle is the widest part of your finger) will lean to a more elongated cushion.

Square cushion moissanite on finger size

Clients with “finger size” tend to like a square cushion as it comes across more plump at the base of the finger.

Custom Cut!

Cushion cut moissanites often come in pre-defined cookie cutter sizes like 10×8 or 9×7. This is great if they look the best on your finger. But! Many of you may find that your ideal size may not be one that is readily available. 

Dingding! Answer to this – custom cut! You can get exactly the one you want.

Illustration of custom cut cushion moissanite, cookie cut

Faceted Or Rose Cut?

Rose cut has all the vintage vibes. It was invented in candlelight times, so there are less facets throughout the stone catching the dim light in a more nuanced romantic way. 

rose cut cushion moissanite

Faceted cuts have more facets throughout the stone, giving it maximizing sparkle. This cut is super popular. 

rose cut cushion moissanite

You’re all set!! We confidently pass on the “cushion cut moissanite expert” title to you. 

We’re here for you. In the studio or virtually you can try on different stones and see them side by side. We provide the language – the preference is completely yours.

See ya soon!

4 cushion moissanites of different sizes

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