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written by Jessica
written by Jessica

How To Get An Engagement Ring Through Airport Security

Let’s set the scene. The ring? Ready. Destination? Booked. Surprise? Planned. You and your partner get to the security at the airport, they notice something odd in your bag, they open it, aaaand….. We have an airport proposal 🛫💍

Here's what you need to know about getting an engagement ring through airport security.

How to get your engagement ring through airport security



#1 Don’t try to hide your ring in your bag. 

(Refer to the above airport proposal scene)



#2 Don’t put your ring in checked luggage.

We’ve actually had clients that have had their property stolen from checked bags! Aaaahh!

how to get your engagement ring through airport security
How to get your engagement ring past airport secuirity




#3 Whatever you do, don’t try to keep it a secret by tipping off the security agent.

This will not end well for you.

What you should do instead, is pack the ring in your carry on bag, and lay it flat so it can be clearly identified through the x-ray machine. This way you can rest easy, and keep your proposal a surprise. Phew.

How to get your engagement ring through airport security

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