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written by Jessica
written by Jessica

Custom Cut Moissanite

Illustration custom cut moissanite pear

Why custom cut? Here's the pain point.

If you’re looking for a moissanite that is not round, like an oval, radiant, pear, cushion, a common problem you’ll run into is finding they come in these cookie cutter dimensions like 8×6 mm 10×8 mm or 9×7 mm. Even if the dimensions don’t feel quite right, you may end up settling for the closest option.

This is your lifetime ring. Its gotta look right, feel right. We got you. Welcome to the world of custom cuts!

custom cut moissanite engagement ring

You don't have to settle.

Custom cuts are something we do all the time. It opens the grand door of possibility to find the perfect proportion for you, and even explore shapes that push the boundaries. Check out this star and hexagon custom cut moissanite we did!!

custom cut moissanite engagement rings
custom made moissanite engagement rings

Top 3 questions we get on custom cut moissanites:

How much does it cost?

There may be some intimidation around the word custom because of the fear that it will be more costly.

This is a misconception!! You would be paying for the material and labor costs – which is what you’d be paying for in a standard cut anyway. 🤯

custom cut moissanite

Let’s say you wanted to get a 10×7 mm custom cut oval moissanite. The price is going to land right in the middle of the prices for the 9×7 mm and the 10×8 mm.

custom moissanite engagement rings

How Long Does It Take?

3-6 weeks is the typical timeline once we know the exact measurements.


How Do I know The Exact Measurements/Porportions I Want?

There’s a few ways! Let’s break it down. 

We’ll use custom cut cushions as an example. You’ve seen the 9×7 mm, and the 10×8 mm, but what about the 10×7 mm? In this case we would use other stones like diamonds or gemstones that already come in the 10×7 mm so you can see it proportion-wise on your hand, and land on exactly what you want

custom cut moissanite engagement ring

Consider how you’d like it to look on your hand. 

Would you like a more lengthening effect, or a more plump stone?

Seeing the stone on your hand will really help you figure out the proportions that align with your own hand proportion and your vibe. For those who know, know. The vibe is very important 😉

custom cut moissanite engagement ring

Elongated cushion cut moissanite

custom cut moissanite engagement ring

Plump cushion cut moissanite

You might prefer seeing the design first, in order to figure out your ideal porportion. 

In this case we’ll go ahead with the CAD (computer-aided design) rendering so you can see the visual of the ring, and actually 3D print the design in a resin model. This way you can try it on!

From here, if those measurements still don’t feel quite right, we’ll tweak it. Once you’re confident and loving the stone, then we’ll go ahead and cut it.

This does take a bit longer overall, but we feel its totally worth it to get it right.

custom cut moissanite engagement ring

CAD digital rendering

custom cut moissanite engagement ring

3D printed resin model

Its not going to cost as much as you think, It’s not going to take as long as you think, you do not have to settle for the next best size, you can get exactly what you want.

The moissanite that “fits like a glove”. 

Come on over to our Toronto studio or virtually online and let’s find the perfect size moissanite for you. 

Embrace the Adventure

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