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written by Jessica
written by Jessica

Oval Moissanite Engagement Ring

For those of you thinking about an oval shaped stone for your ring-to-be, take a moment to consider moissanite! Moissanites actually refract light faster than a diamond, giving it that scrumptious rainbow spectrum to stare at all day 🤤 

One thing that really stands out in the oval moissanite compared to the oval diamond, is that dreaded “bowtie effect” in diamonds doesn’t apply at all to the moissanite. We are bowtie free in the moissanite world! 

10x8mm oval moissanite

our 4 top tips for picking out the perfect oval moissanite.

Coming in hot directly from the moissanite experts themselves aka. our co founders Ji & Mariam Song. Let’s get it started!!!


focus on measurement, ignore carat.

I know. Disruptive right? Ignore carats? But it’s true 🤷‍♀️ and we are dedicated truth tellers.

Get ready – carat weight is mostly a marketing concept. It does not actually inform you on the size. Focus on the measurements, because carat is just weight. 1 carat is just telling us that something weighs 1.2 grams. It gives us no information on what the actual size is. 

Say there’s 3 people who weigh 200lbs. They have the same weight, but it’s highly likely they will not be the same size. They might be tall, short, or wide etc. 


oval moissanite engagement ring

To really know the size of the oval moissanite, we want to go back to basic geometry. You want to look at the oval in length to width millimeters. This brings us to tip number TWOOO!


Focus on the length to width ratio.

The length to width ratio will help inform you if an oval is more elongated/slender or plump. This will also come super handy if you’ve seen an oval diamond, gemstone, or a ring that has the size you want – you can find out the length to width ratio and articulate exactly the size you want in your oval moissanite engagement ring. 

oval moissanite engagement ring
10x6mm oval moissanite

This is a suuuper slender oval moissanite! Its measurements are 10×6.

10x8mm oval moissanite

This is a volumptious plump one. We have decided to call this one a “roval”, hybrid of a round and oval!

Alrighty I’m going to take you on a very brief trip back to the days of math class… jewelry math edition! 

oval moissanite length to width ratio

Take the length and divide it by the width, and the number you result with is what we call the length to width ratio! 

oval moissanite engagement ring

The higher that number is like 1.5 for example that means it’s going to be more elongated whereas if you go down to 1.3 or lower, it’ll be more plump. 


Apply the 10x7 rule.

Moissanites are cut in bandwidths. Take a look at these stones:


oval moissanite engagement ring

These are already wildy different in shape yes… but what if any these sizes don’t work for your hand? Or doesn’t achieve that look you’ve been dreaming of? You don’t have to settle.

Introducing…. The custom cut moissanite! This is where the 10×7 rule was born (10×7 is the missing oval moissanite size!). No need to worry if you don’t see the size you want. We’ll cut it custom to the exact measurements you want. 

Check out our custom cut moissanite blog for more!! 

oval moissanite engagement ring


Faceted vs rose cut.

oval moissanite engagement ring

Rose Cut

Think old hollywood glam. Cut with anywhere from 6-24 triangular facets, light almost dances across the stone. This is definitely a more polarizing cut – if you love it, you looove it. If you don’t, you reeeaally don’t. 

Faceted Cut

The faceted cut has that mesmerizing brilliant sparkle throughout the stone. This cut is loved by many, and again it’s a plus you won’t have to worry about the bowtie effect! Score. 

And that’s it! We hope this is helpful. Our goal is to open up the pool of information for you to be a part of the whole process, so you can stress less and enjoy the designing more! 

Once you’re ready, give us a shout and we’ll begin the wild adventure of a lifetime

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