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written by Jessica
written by Jessica

How To Size A Men’s Ring

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Jonathan “Mr. How To” is back with 5 easy tips on how to find your perfect ring size. 

This one’s for the guys 😎

mens ring sizes

Tip #1

What Is Your Finger Type?

There are 3 different finger types, and which type you have is going to make a big difference in mens ring sizes.

Finger Type #1 – Finger Size. 

This just means the widest part of your finger is at the base. Kind of like a pylon! Big at the bottom, and narrows gradually toward the top. 

Here’s what you need to know about finger size. Because the base of the finger is the widest, it’s gonna be a bit more fleshy and prone to fluctuate, different from the knuckle which is more boney.  

So to air on the side of caution, we recommend sizing up a little bit.

typical mens ring size

Finger Type # 2 – Knuckle Size. 

This is Jonathan’s finger type! 

This just means the knuckle is the widest part of the finger. 

So when you’re getting a ring for knuckle size hands, what you need to pay attention to is that you can JUST get it over the knuckle. When you put it on it should be easier to get on than off

You want to be taking the ring off with a little bit of pressure/effort. If you size directly to the knuckle, it’s probably going to be too big. If you size only to the base of the finger, you might never get it off!! 😭

mens ring sizes

Finger Type # 3 – Neutral Size. 

With neutral size, your finger is pretty much the same width throughout. You don’t really have to worry about sizing up or sizing down. 

If you have the neutral finger type, it’s gonna be more about comfort. You may like it a bit tighter or looser. Completely up to you! 

how to size a men's ring

tip #2

Width Adjustment

Not all rings will be the same fit in terms of width. 

If the band is a bit wider, it’ll probably fit tighter. If it’s more on the narrow side, it might be a bit more loose. 

So when you’re trying on your rings, you want to make sure the ring sizer you’re using is similar in width to what you want your actual ring to be. 

We got your back with the ring sizers! We have plenty at the studio for you to try out 😉

mens ring sizes
how to size a men's ring

tip #3

Flat vs Comfort

When you look at the inside of your ring – there’s going to be 2 different types of fits. 

Is it more domed and rounded? That’s going to be a comfort fit. Or, it’ll be squared off and flat, and that’s your flat fit


Similar to what we were talking about with width, if you prefer a flat fit, make sure you use a flat sizer. If you want a round ring, make sure you use a round sizer. 

typical mens ring size
mens ring sizes

tip #4

STAY AWAY from online sizers!

One more time for the back. 

When it comes to sizing there’s a lot of stuff online about using the string method or using online sizers. We’re going to caution you against using those. Say no!

Simply put: it’s just not accurate.

Ring sizers online are made by sooooo many different companies with different standards, and a string? It’s just too many variables that will affect getting the precise mens ring sizes.

how to size a men's ring

tip #5

What type of metal do you want the ring to be?

Metals like tungsten and platinum lean toward the weightier side, while ceramic and titanium will be lighter.  

They fit the same, but here’s something you want to take into consideration. 

If you have a heavier metal, you might want to size it down, just because it might fall off a bit easier than say a ceramic or titanium ring where there’s not as much weight constantly pulling on it.

mens ring sizes
how to size a men's ring size

Aaaaand, you’re set fellas! Let’s make sure your ring fits right. When you’re ready, give us a shout and we’ll get you started. We’re here for you. 


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