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written by Jessica
written by Jessica

How To Pick The Perfect Stone For Your Engagement Ring

You may not know this, but you have a superpower. That power is exactly what you want to use when you’re trying to pick the perfect stone for your engagement ring. Simply put, that superpower is your VISION.

best stone for your engagement ring
best stone for engagement ring
How to Pick the Perfect Stone for your EngagementRing

Let’s break it down. 

The way that you and I have been made, we have almost 11 million receptors in our body and brain related to our senses – smell, touch, and sound. You may have heard that we only use something like 1-2% of our brain when we’re actually thinking.

When we’re actually using our senses, we’re using a lot more of our brain. Think of when you’re at a stimulating place like an amusement park or an art gallery. You’re taking in sounds, smells, and your vision is leading you through your curiosity. Out of those 11 million sensory receptors, almost 10 million are related to your vision. Some scientists even think that up to half of our brain’s capacity is used to process visual data of some kind.

This is why we call this your superpower

Here are 2 ways to activate your superpower.


We’ll show you multiple stones beside each other instead of one at a time.

If we show you one stone at a time, you might say, “Ah, great, that’s beautiful!” We’ll show you another one, and you may be like, “Yeah actually that’s beautiful too!” 

But when we show the stones side by side, you get to let your senses take over to spot the differences, and spot out what you love best. 

Superpower activated!


best stone for engagement ring


In order to turn on your superpower, you have to turn off the logical part of your brain.

best stone for engagement ring

The numbers, the specs, the price, we’re going to show you all that information afterwards, but it’s important for your brain to stay in the dark, so you can really let your senses take the lead when you’re seeing the stones for the first time.

We believe in your own personal vision so much that we actually want to enhance it.

So how do we do that? We’ll show you the stones in various lighting conditions.

how to pick the perfect stone for your engagement ring

Your partner doesn’t live in a jewelry store! That typical blinding fluorescent jewelry store lighting – not useful. 

We’ll show you the stones in natural light, lighting that simulates a bright summer’s day, at the office, and at home. All these lighting conditions will reveal different aspects of the stone, and they’ll look different in every light.

All the stones you're going to see are curated.

This just means they’re all going to be top-notch. This is not a weird test where we threw in a couple bad stones amongst the nice ones, and you’re trying to guess. They’re all top-notch, you can’t go wrong. 

We’re going to work within whatever budget range you've given us.

how to pick the perfect stone for your engagement ring

Or if you’ve given us a ceiling, the stones will be that or below. One thing you’ll find is it’s not going to be obvious which one’s the most expensive.

The goal is to allow you to really experience it and figure out which characteristics you’re naturally drawn to. 


There isn't really proper wording to describe most of what our brain is actually seeing.

What’s on the stone certificate will only describe maybe about a 1/4 of what your brain is actually seeing.


In reality, there’s a very high likelihood that if there’s something that really stands out in a specific stone, that information won’t be found on the certificate.

Use what’s already within you to choose the stone that speaks the most to you. 

That’s your superpower. 

When you’re ready, give us a shout and we’ll walk with you as you pick the perfect stone for your engagement ring.

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